ALZU®  is a premium 55% Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated and colour coated steel product, available with high quality coatings. ALZU® steel is designed and manufactured by JFE MERANTI® to be an exceptional fit for roofing, walling and accessory applications within industrial, commercial, institutional and residential projects.


ALZU® steel uses its alloy coating of Aluminium and Zinc to achieve excellent corrosion resistance performance and surface appearance. The ALZU® steel coating forms an interlaced mesh structure of Aluminium and Zinc. The Zinc-rich areas are the first line of defence in protecting the steel substrate, while the Aluminium-rich layer provides the second line of defence. These two layers work together to provide superior corrosion resistance performance for roofing and walling products.




Your Competitive Edge for Success

Reliable Supply

Choosing locally manufactured JFE MERANTI products enables you to have access to a reliable supply of a premium 55% Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated product designed to perform to the highest standards within the Myanmar environment.hello

Short Lead Time

By being your local one-stop supplier, we provide the convenience of doing business by having short lead time for product orders, saving your resources with better communication, and by removing  hassles of extra product shipments or scheduling conflicts.

Consistent Quality

Through applying the decades of experience by world’s leading engineers in steel manufacturing, you can be confident that JMM products are delivered to your business with consistent quality. The integrity and reliability of JMM coated steel products will help you to enhance manufacturing productivity by reducing wastage and maintain business reputation in a growing market.

Performance Warranty

We have trust in the integrity of our products and would like to pass on this assurance to you and your customers. Our ALZU 7 and ALZU 10 coated steel products come with fully supported performance warranties on paint performance and corrosion resistance, which have been tested for the climate of the South East Asian region.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Having a flexible mindset and expert understanding of the local market enables us to deliver JMM products to you with a low minimum order quantity requirement. This can benefit your business by reducing working capital cost with a smaller inventory,  outpacing the competitors, and giving you the power to have a competitive edge in today’s rapidly shifting market.

Superior Technical Support

Enjoy a peace of mind with our customer-oriented service team, equipped with international industry knowledge and a persistent focus on your long-term needs. Our highly responsive and superior technical support ensures you always the technical information, operational support and specification information you need to win the project.

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