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JFE MERANTI organizes “BUILDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE EVENT” together with Myanmar’s leading organizations in the building and construction industry

March 3, 2020

Yangon, Myanmar – JFE MERANTI, organized “BUILDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE EVENT” with the aim to understand more about sustainable development and how the construction companies in Myanmar are working together with this sustainable development plan on 3 March at Chatrium hotel.


In attendance were U Han Zaw, Union Minister for Construction, U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Chief Minister, U Maung Maung Soe, Yangon Mayor and other governmental officials.


In this event, the representatives from each organization shared their knowledge on how to build a sustainable future for Myanmar under the following topics: “Sustainability: Benefits of Building with Steel,” “Achieving Sustainability through green Buildings,” and “Development of Myanmar Steel Standards for a Sustainable Future.”


U Han Zaw, Union Minister for Construction, said, “The improvement of living standards of the people and socio-economic condition of a nation is aligned with the holistic development of a nation. Therefore, making sure that the new constructions follow sustainable development policy that is also an essential part in our nation and then only we can maintain the old buildings well and construct the new buildings which will last long. It is also very much important that the upcoming engineers are shared the knowledge about the importance of sustainable development. Producing high-quality products and making them available at a low cost is also very much essential. As earthquake, flood, storm and other natural hazards are very much active. We must make sure that our bridges, roads, buildings and houses are strong enough to withstand possible calamity.”


U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Chief Minister also said, “We are working to make Yangon a livable city with preserved heritage, at the same time make it the commercial city in Myanmar. But while working on development projects, we also make sure that we give priority to green development especially when it comes to investments, we give our best to make sure that all these investments don’t harm the environment. Therefore, the role of engineers is one of the most important ones making sure that the engineers follow our policies.”


But the main challenge for sustainable development when it comes to construction is many people perceive it as extra work and cost, but Dr. Sebastian Langendorf, CEO & MD of JFE MERANTI speaking on this matter said, “Sometimes there is a perception that sustainability always costs a lot more, so firstly if we look sustainable materials actually if we look at the lifetime, good materials give us an additional lifetime. The cost per year is much lower, so if I buy a product that breaks in three years or it is corroded, it is much expensive than if I buy the product that lasts for 10 or 15 years even if I pay for a little more for that products. So we believe sustainable products are often cheaper on lifetime assessment.”



JFE MERANTI Myanmar (JMM) is a joint venture of JFE Steel, Meranti Steel, JFE Shoji, Marubeni-Itochu Steel, and Hanwa. These distinguished international companies have shared resources to jointly design, construct and operate a world-class metal coating and colour coating facility located in Zone B of the Thilawa SEZ, Yangon.