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ECA Signing Ceremony with Technological University Thanlyin

February 9, 2018

The Educational Cooperation Agreement (ECA) between JFE Meranti Myanmar and Technological University of Thanlyin (TTU) has officially been confirmed with the signing ceremony on the 8th of February, 2018.


TTU is a leading Myanmar university in various engineering and technology disciplines. The agreement provides initiatives that will advance the educational and developmental interests of both parties. JFE Meranti will award scholarships, internships, and training seminars, to students who excel in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering.


These programs give opportunities to students to test skills learned in the classroom, expand their knowledges through related work experience, and to transfer international expertise in the steel industry and its associated technology and practices to the future generation of Myanmar.

ECA Signing Ceremony with Technological University Thanlyin