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Mission Statement

Together with our customers, employees, and partners, JFE MERANTI will deliver high quality coated steel for the building and construction sector, to help build the Myanmar of tomorrow.

Core Values

Our guiding principles for our operations and interactions. These core values communicate our goals, determine our identity, shape our organizational culture, inspire us to take action and influence our decision-making process.

Consistent Quality

Our leaders who founded this company have many years of experience in executive roles in the steel industry. Customers can have full confidence in the integrity and reliability of our expertise in steel. We deliver what we promise.


Working creatively is a critical element for the long term success of the JFE MERANTI brand. Our team’s steel product expertise and creativity will consistently deliver high quality market leading products to our customers.


Reacting quickly and positively to our customers’ needs is an essential part of our business model. We aim to rapidly respond to customer queries and seek to solve any arising concerns positively.


Our team consists of individuals who have a passion for coated steel. And thus our aim is to establish trust as a basis for long-term mutual success with our customers and stakeholders.


We value the livelihood and safety of our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Thus, we place safety at the core of our minds when we execute our day-to-day activities.


We are a Myanmar business and we aim to build a strong local network of partners, together with other local businesses. We continuously strive to innovate and to futher enhance the excellence of our products and services for our customers.

Our Story

Our company recognizes the rapid development in Myanmar, accompanied by the growing need for better building materials. We are excited to be part of that development by providing high quality coated steel to Myanmar’s fast expanding building and construction sector.

MERANTI Singapore and Pre-Feasibility

Our journey in Myanmar began in 2015 with our CEO visiting Yangon. His initial impressions were of the city’s bustling atmosphere, its kind and warm inhabitants, a strong historic identity, and the great potential resulting thereof.


But he also saw how these promising features clashed with many weather worn residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Together with his team he discovered one of the key reasons to be the lack of quality building materials available on the market. Most affordable options were of low quality and unworthy for the people of Myanmar.


He and his team made it their goal to help improve the conditions for residents and businesses in Myanmar by contributing to the development of its coated steel sector.

Start of Project Feasibility

MERANTI Steel was incorporated in May 2016. After raising a round of seed funding, the project feasibility was launched. Thilawa SEZ was identified as a target location and an in-depth market study was undertaken by the team.


MERANTI Steel launched work on the project scope and cost, together with potential equipment suppliers and general contractors.


The MERANTI team started to work on cooperation concepts with local universities.


See more news on our initial formation.

The Joint Venture

To achieve the goal of developing the coated steel sector, a new joint venture was formed, with the signing ceremony at the end of 2017.

This marked the beginning of our US$85 million project. Under the joint venture, JFE Steel, MERANTI Steel, JFE Shoji, Marubeni-Itochu Steel, and HANWA are sharing resources to jointly design, construct, and operate a world-class steel galvanizing and colour coating line in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, near Yangon city.


See more on our Joint Venture announcement.



8 Mile Representative  Office Opening


Established to be JFE MERANTI’s first presence in Myanmar, our 8 Mile Representative Office is located at 8 Mile Business Centre, in Mayangone Township. We deliberately chose this location to be close to our customers within the large belt of industrial zones located around the north side of Yangon. By being close to our customers, we will be able to serve them more effectively and deliver on our promise of responsive service.


See more from our 8 Mile Office Opening Ceremony.

Groundbreaking of Factory Construction in the Thilawa SEZ, Thanlyin Township, Yangon

On March 1st 2018, JFE MERANTI Myanmar Co., Ltd (JMM) celebrated the start of the construction of a factory for hot-dip galvanizing and colour coating of flat-steel products for the building and construction industry in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

The ceremony was attended by about 250 guests, including Myanmar Vice President U Henry Van Thio, Minister of Commerce U Than Myint, Vice Minister of Finance U Set Aung, other government officials, Japanese Ambassador Tateshi Higuchi, and many other distinguished guests.


See more photos from our Groundbreaking event.

Commissioning of the Colour Coating Line

Our colour coating line will meet the latest standards of sustainable quality production and will have a capacity of approximately 90,000 ton per annum. It will be supplied by a leading engineering company with extensive global track record and will be ISO certified.

Commissioning of the Dual Pot Galvanizing Line

Our galvanizing line will be designed with the newest zinc and zinc aluminium coating technologies, with a capacity of approximately 180,000 ton per annum. It will be supplied by a leading engineering company with extensive global track record and will be ISO certified.

Process & Facilities

Our world-class production facility will be located in the Thilawa SEZ, which is 23km southeast of Yangon city centre.

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Process &


Our world-class production facility will be located in the Thilawa SEZ, which is 23km southeast of Yangon city centre.

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Management Team

We have gathered a diverse team of international industry experts and resources, with a total experience of over 200 years in coated steel. Our seasoned professionals possess the ideal combination of world-class technological knowledge and priceless global experience, coupled with creativity and passion.

These traits are carried throughout all critical functions and disciplines such as manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing, finance and strategy.

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